Stuart and Agnes's story

Stuart had a stroke in April 2023 and whilst in hospital recovering from a knee operation, our colleagues at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust - Community Stroke Team, referred Stuart to Think Ahead. At that time Stuart was finding it emotionally difficult after stroke and they believed peer support would support both their wellbeing. 

Initially, Stuart and his wife Agnes attended our Stepping Stones programme and greatly benefited from this both practically and emotionally.

After the programme they went on to engage weekly in our Tavern (male stroke survivors and carers) and the Snug (female stroke survivors and carers), support groups. Initially, Agnes felt that the group was not for her as it seemed all chat and no action but many weeks later Agnes has now changed her view.  She now finds the peer support element within this group, has given her the confidence to support them both through the different emotional and practical aspects of stroke.

After a few months of attending the Tavern and Snug groups, Stuart and Agnes said they wanted to give back to the Charity after everything they had gained from it and were attracted to the ethos and values of Think Ahead Stroke. 

In their new volunteering roles, they have been leading the music group for several months and Agnes says the music group and the Charity has put the life back into them both and their relationship.

They continue to attend weekly sessions in the Tavern and Snug groups and look forward to planning their fortnightly music group, as they love seeing the smiling faces and hearing the laughter and joy that it brings to them and so many other beneficiaries.

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