Jim's story

14 months after suffering a catastrophic stroke, which left me paralyzed on the left side  of my body and unable to see clearly through one eye, I am finally beginning to get my life back together.

The effects I have suffered, as well as many others, are certainly not unusual after a stroke, however these effects can be very different for each individual. I was unable to walk unaided at first after my stroke and I needed a wheelchair to get me around. It also left me incontinent and having to wear a catheter, as I could not urinate myself.

Other everyday things that people take for granted suddenly become a task, I even  found it so hard to sleep at any time of the day, which was the opposite of what other stroke survivors I know had experienced.

My short term memory was also affected in the aftermath of my stroke. From deep despair, things have improved, but very slowly. So by sharing this short story, I hope it gives at least one reader some inspiration to move forward in life.

I attended Think Ahead’s Stepping Stones Programme which informed me and my wife of all the support in the borough. After that I then went to the Think Ahead Tavern support group and meeting other stroke survivors, like me, has really helped.

Never think your life is over because from my experience it’s not, and I do believe things will get better. I have noticed that it won’t over night, but they do get better, just be patient. Things have improved for me, so there is hope for you, it WILL get better!

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