John is a younger survivor who was referred into us in 2019. He began attending our Think Ahead Tavern support group and also a few Stepping Stones sessions. He shared frustrations of being unable to work, and dealing with stroke fatigue.

In the Tavern group, he was surrounded by like-minded survivors. People who, like him, tackle the very real challenges life after stroke brings. Over the months, John made friends and the Tuesday Tavern was part of his schedule. Then, lockdown came.

Despite this, John managed to use the power of technology to join our Virtual Support Groups. Keeping connected with his Think Ahead family and friends. In September of 2020, almost 12 months after he first came to us. John shared some amazing news!

He had earned himself a new job working for Royal Mail! That 12 months was not easy, but rest assured John had the support of his family, friends and everyone at Think Ahead. This is one stroke story, of many. These are the stories we are proud to share.

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