Today, around one in four strokes happen to people of working age, often leaving younger people with physical and psychological challenges to overcome.

Let’s not dress it up: this can be tough going and lonely at times!

In recognition of this Think Ahead has established a support group for younger male stroke survivors (but open to stroke survivors of any age and ability if they wish).

The group meets 1pm each Tuesday at Ashland House, Ince, and is an opportunity for the lads to get together for a couple of hours, relax and have a laugh.

Each week there are traditional pub games such as a quiz, snooker, darts, air hockey and dominos, plus an Xbox Kinect.

Simply enjoying spending time with people of a similar age and background is proven to alleviate social isolation and improve wellbeing – it just perks you up!

Our peer mentors will also be on hand to keep tabs on mood and anxiety and can offer advice and support if needed.

So why not give us a call on 01942 824 888 or email us at [email protected] and get down to our next Think Ahead Tavern.