It is often easier to see the outward signs of stroke, but the mental and psychological changes can be harder to spot, but just as debilitating: we don’t always consider how we feel on the inside.

Stroke can leave people feeling a range of difficult emotions such as stress, fear and hopelessness – all of which (if left unchecked), can cause long-term physiological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Think Ahead Stroke’s Well-being Courses are designed to help stroke survivors and their carers understand their state of mind, and give them the tools they need to cope emotionally and move forward.

These group therapy courses are available to all stroke survivors and carers, and are delivered by qualified psychotherapists using highly effective Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

The courses are free, take six weeks and are usually held at Think Ahead’s Stroke Information Centre in conjunction with the Primary Care Psychology Service.

However, due to social distancing, Think Ahead Stroke have transitioned the well-being course into an online environment.

On Thursday 2nd July 2020, Think Ahead Stroke and North West Boroughs Healthcare made virtual history by having our first virtual well-being session.

The session allowed the stroke survivors and carers in attendance the opportunity to talk about their issues and worries in a safe space, with like minded individuals and healthcare professionals.

The next 6-week long programme looks to start on Thursday 17th September at 1pm using Zoom.

If you are interested and think these online sessions would be beneficial for you - please call 01942 824888 to find out more!