Ian suffered his stroke in September 2018 whilst watching his beloved Wigan Athletic. He felt the symptoms and his face drooped to one side. At the time, the stewards thought he was drunk! Which is why being aware of the FAST symptoms of stroke is so important.

The stroke affected Ian massively, taking his previously free mobility away from him. Professionals involved at the time even going as far to say he will never walk again. This was not an option for Ian, and no was an answer he would refuse to take.

Ian was referred into Think Ahead Stroke in 2019 and his first involvement was through our Coffee Afternoon. He, and many other stroke survivors/carers, visited our Stroke Information Centre at Ashland House in Ince and learned all about who we are and what we do. There is nothing more powerful than like-minded people getting together and sharing their experiences.

From this Ian signed up to our Stepping-Stones for Stroke course. He attended every week, gaining valuable local stroke support information whilst making friends – not to forget the odd brew and a biscuit... or two!

Unfortunately, as the Stepping-Stones ended and Ian looked to join our other Support Groups, such as the Think Ahead Tavern, Covid-19 turned the world upside down!

We kept in touch with Ian to make sure he was keeping well and keeping well, he certainly was. A worldwide pandemic would not be enough to stand in the way of a determined Ian – and he continued his hard work with his rehabilitation. At the back end of 2020 and early 2021 – Ian managed to walk a small distance again, guided by his physios.

Ian continues to work hard with his rehab and is looking forward to coming back to our Stroke Information Centre for groups, when it is safe to do so!

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