Current Activities & Groups

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to rethink how we can offer support activities and groups.

Therefore, in order to continue aiding mental and social rehabilitation after stroke – we have developed a variety of remote support services. If you think any of the below would be beneficial for you or someone you know, please get in touch with Alex on 01942 824888 and he will talk through our services. They are as follows:

Virtual Activity/Support Groups:

  • Using free video-calling software, we have developed virtual activity/support groups aimed at combating loneliness and aiding mental rehabilitation after stroke. With government guidelines demanding some vulnerable stroke survivors and carers to stay at home, we want to be sure that no one is actually socially alone.
  • We have established the Virtual Think Ahead Tavern, a remote version of the working age men’s support group. This virtual group is every Tuesday at 1:30pm.
  • We have also created a specialised Virtual Carers Group, which gives like-minded carers a safe space to connect with one another, despite being unable to meet face-to-face. Topics are member generated, and have so far included tips on how to cope during lock-down, and how to access essential local services remotely. This virtual group is every Wednesday at 1:30pm.
  • Our monthly coffee afternoon's have gone virtual, and are now held on zoom. Dates alter each month, so please contact Alex on 01942 824888 to put yourself on the list for our next meet!
  • We have now transitioned our Well-being Course to an online environment and have held our first virtual session. If you think the well-being course could help you, please call 01942 824888.

Volunteer Peer-mentor Telephone Support Service:

  • Using our team of experienced volunteers, all of whom have vast personal experience of stroke, we have established a telephone support service which allows regular contact with stroke survivors, their carers and families via phone or video. Our peer-mentors are best equipped to listen and understand personal challenges that come with a stroke, before sharing their personal experiences and advice.

Telephone Buddy Club:

  • Using a team of stroke experienced 'buddies', all of whom have personal experience of stroke as a survivor or a carer, we have developed our very own telephone buddy club! Members that want to receive a buddy phone-call will let us know, and we link them up with one of our volunteer buddies - who then make contact via telephone.
  • The calls will combat loneliness and isolation during the covid-19 pandemic, and give people a friend that they can 'put the world to rights' with!

 Social Media Communities

  • With physical engagement having to take a backseat, here at Think Ahead Stroke we are proud to boast a great Facebook and Twitter presence. Our pages keep you up to date with the latest stroke information, inform you of what is happening locally in the community, and invites conversation on the latest stroke support news. While many of us are facing a long period of isolation, you do not have to do this alone. Join our thriving online communities for support and company.
  • Like us on Facebook by clicking HERE and follow us on Twitter by clicking HERE, and join our growing community of stroke supporters.

Pre-Coronavirus Activities and Groups

Prior to Covid-19 forced us to close our Stroke Information Centre doors, Think Ahead Stroke organised a variety of carefully developed and accessible group activities and classes.

Find details on them all are below and rest assured – as soon as it is safe to offer these activities and groups again, we most certainly will.

Any questions do not hesitate to call us at 01942 824888 and we will happily discuss our current options.

Monthly get-togethers

Hosted at St. Peter’s Pavilion, Hindley, our monthly ‘get-togethers’ are always eagerly anticipated and popular.  Get-together themes change with the seasons, such as Easter and Halloween, but the big December Christmas lunch always an annual highlight.  Pick-up and drop-offs can be arranged from home in advance for those most at need.

Day trips

Once a month Think Ahead Stroke organises group trips away to fun locations carefully selected so as to be accessible to all.  Pick-up and drop-off is provided from your door.  Recent trips have included lunches, shopping trips and a day at the races.  All you have to do is sign up and enjoy the day.

The Think Ahead Tavern

The Tavern is a weekly pub-themed support group for working age male stroke survivors and carers. The group meets on a Tuesday at 1pm at Ashland House, so if you are a stroke survivor or carer who enjoy all the fun, games and banter of their local pub – but can no longer have a beer, this is the group for you. For more information click here.

Fuzzy felters

Learn how to tease raw, natural sheep’s wool into toys, key-rings and other fun items in this therapeutic, relaxing and sociable class.  Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages.  Why not learn how to make fuzzy felt gifts for friends and family?

Card making

Join stroke survivor Lynn and her group of talented helpers in this always a very popular and lively class.   A fun way to channel your inner creativity, learn new skills and impress your friends and neighbours on birthdays and at Easter and Christmas. Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages.

Knit N’ Natter

For knitters of all standards, Knit N’ Natter is a relaxed way to catch up with old friends or make new ones whilst working on those winter woollies.  You can also learn the art of loom knitting and crocheting from Anita and new knitting tips and skills from other group members.

Tai Chi

Improve your strength, flexibility and calmness with deep, natural, relaxed breathing and soft, easy and fluid movement.  Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages.


Proven to improve flexibility and mindfulness, this gentle, chair based yoga is for all ages and abilities.

Art Group

Join art tutor Janet for this wonderfully relaxed and friendly class. You need not have painted before, as experts and novices alike are welcome. Artwork produced in this class will also go towards our annual Art Calendar!

Fishing group

Enjoy the tranquil surroundings of beautiful Appley Bridge with fishermen (and women) of varying abilities and ages.  Everything is organised for your arrival, including angling equipment, wheelchair access to the water’s edge and volunteer support if needed.  Great for getting you out into the fresh air and meeting new people (and fish - hopefully).