Mentoring programme

The early days after a stroke are usually the hardest, and stroke survivors and their carers will often find themselves in a very unfamiliar and even threatening world where even simple tasks can seem impossible.

How do I get from A to B? Access the right services? How do I aide my recovery: restore my speech, mobility and confidence?

“Will I ever feel like me again?”  Trying to answer these questions without support can feel like trial and error, with every wrong turn wasting valuable time, effort and money.

Think Ahead Stroke felt it had a solution, and in 2009 first established its Mentoring Programme for stroke survivors and their carers.

Think Ahead Stroke understands that there is no substitute for experience, and this programme matches recent stroke survivors with real trained volunteers. 

Once paired, the ‘peers’ build a relationship that is based on the unique circumstances and needs of the stroke survivor and carer. The objective is to accelerate mental and physical recovery through meeting up and sharing knowledge, experience and practical advice.

Recurring themes include:

  • Home adaptation
  • Finding specialist care and services
  • Transport and getting around


For more information please call 01942 824 888.