A stroke not only has a huge impact on the individuals affected, it can also transform the lives of their loved ones. With many survivors facing long term difficulties with movement, speech or vision, a friend or family member may need to give up their job or own social and leisure activities to care for them.

Although rehabilitation can help people to regain some independence, it is not always going to be an easy journey and the emotional toll can be hard for carers to bear. Seeing a loved one go through the experience of stroke is traumatic and upsetting, and it is perfectly natural to experience a wide range of emotions. Talking to somebody who has been in your shoes can be a real comfort and we host regular carers’ coffee mornings for those in need of a friendly ear, as well as our wellbeing course for more structured coping strategies.

At Think Ahead, we recognise that those who care for stroke survivors play a critical role in the recovery process. All of our events, activities and support courses are available for carers to attend either alone, or to accompany a stroke survivor. We can also provide a wealth of advice and guidance on practical matters, from claiming benefits to making the necessary adjustments to the home.

If you're a carer or know a carer of a stroke Survivor who could benefit from our help, pop your details into this form and we'll be in touch: help-for-carers