These are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, and despite having to temporarily close our Stroke Information Centre, Think Ahead Stroke remains open for business and committed to supporting stroke survivors, carers and their families throughout this crisis.

Please remember that although you can’t come and see us face-to-face, we are still at the end of the phone or email, so whether you’re a Think Ahead Stroke regular or a recent stroke survivor, carer loved one, please get in touch if you need help or advice.

We know that the Coronavirus crisis is causing many people to struggle. Finding basic necessities like food and medicine can be a problem, and isolation and the worry about the virus is hard on our mental and physical health, so here’s a list of contacts and information that might be useful to you at this time:

Medicinal support

Food support

  • Platt Bridge Start Well Family Centre, including Hindley and Ashton Hubs, are offering food parcels for vulnerable families.
  • Compassion in Action is offering free food parcels for vulnerable people with no other viable options during Covid-19 outbreak. We have access to a referral form, or you can send an email direct with the subject COVID-19 and your details in the email. Food delivery only available in Leigh or anyone in WN7 postcode.
    Phone - 01942262636  Email - [email protected]
  • Local community groups in Hindley and Hindley Green are making a community hub to help aid vulnerable people in this crisis. They have food parcels for the vulnerable who are self-isolating: Email: [email protected]

Supermarket Information

Please find a link to the latest supermarket opening times and information 

  • Iceland Supermarkets first hour of opening reserved for elderly and vulnerable groups.
  • Waitrose Supermarkets first hour of opening is reserved for elderly and vulnerable groups.
  • M&S is reserving the first of their opening hours every Monday and Thursday to elderly and vulnerable groups

Social Support

  • Assistance for residents of Aspull, New Springs and Whelley:

One House Community Centre:
Pete Ashcroft (One House trustee) – 07980779665
Councillor Chris Ready – 07964800548
Kathleen Marsh (One House trustee) – 07921551159
Councillor Ron Conway – 07873760644
Email – [email protected]

  • Wigan Council adult social care: Phone - 01942 828777
  • Keep Warm Packs: Church Wigan has a large number of Keep Warm Packs, courtesy of AWARM at Wigan Council, which they are giving away to anyone who; is struggling to keep warm, has no heating, or is self-isolating. If you know someone who would benefit from one of these packs then please contact them on:

Email - [email protected] or phone - 01695 386650

(Please note that a referral to the AWARM service will be made for anyone receiving a pack so that appropriate follow up can be arranged).

  • Standish Voice and Standish’s councillors have come together to help our vulnerable elderly people affected by Coronavirus:

They have a 24-hour helpline - 01257 228488. Please use it if you need urgent help or cannot email one of the councillor email addresses.

  • Wigan Council welfare support, for vulnerable residents in self-isolation, who do not have support from family members or friends, a dedicated helpline has been set up to help them get what they need - food or medical supplies.

Customers can call 01942 489 018 between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday, and 8.30am -12.30pm on Saturday. 

Alternatively if they have access to the internet they can complete a self-referral form on our Be Kind page - this is the preferred option to reduce demand to the contact centre.

People can refer themselves or someone they know who may need our support.

Staff are distributing a card with this number on to all properties who currently have an assisted bin collection this week as they will likely need our support.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Self-help tips for self-isolation and anxiety:

Website -

Website -

Website -

Phone - 01942 489 018

If you need any further information on the above or anything else, please do get in touch on 01942 824 888 or at [email protected].