Founded in 2000, Think Ahead Stroke is a support, advice and information charity.

Above all else, Think Ahead is dedicated to improving the lives of stroke survivors, their carers and families by rebuilding health, hope and confidencethrough support, advice and friendship.

Think Ahead works hard to change lives in a number of ways.  Person-to-person mentoring allows those recently affected by stroke to learn from others who have a shared personal experience, while structured, step-by-step seminars cover all aspects of the stroke journey and recovery – including physical and mental wellbeing.

Think Ahead understands that every stroke survivor’s condition and circumstances or ‘stroke journey’ is different, so the starting point is always to listen and learn before suggesting courses of action.

Working with health services

Think Ahead also uses its knowledge and experience to work in partnership with local health professionals, the NHS and other services to help improve stroke care and support, and where necessary, fight the corner for stroke survivors, their carers and families.

Raising awareness of stroke

There is also a commitment locally to highlight stroke as a condition, how to spot the signs (F.A.S.T.) and how to prevent stroke through healthy life choices. 

We are the community

As a registered charity Think Ahead relies on the generosity of volunteers and donations, and every penny donated stays in the community.

To find out more about Think Ahead Stroke visit, Tweet us at @ThinkAheadWigan or find us on Facebook