Manchester based public relations specialist David Innes-Edwards is to run this year’s Great Manchester ten kilometre race on 19th May, to raise money for Think Ahead Stroke.

David, of Frontier Public Relations, has a long standing relationship with the Wigan based charity, and is hoping to raise £250 by completing the course in less than an hour.

The run coincides with May’s world Stroke Month, an international drive to raise awareness of stroke and much needed funds to support stroke survivors.

David said: “I know that ten kilometres is a modest distance, so I’m only looking for modest sponsorship from family, friends and associates. So no more than the cost of a pint please, (but not the price of a Weatherspoon’s pint, if at all possible).

“I’ve actually been quite enjoying my training. Running ever-other day has been a good way of keeping me out of the pub, and also helped me lose a pound or two.

“At 6’5” I’m not exactly a natural runner, but fingers crossed my long legs get me round in under sixty minutes.”

David continues: “I know there are others out there who are attempting far-more ambitious athletic feats to raise money for Think Ahead.

“I spoke to Salford University Occupational Therapy student Simon Blakemore last week, he’s competing in the Bolton Iron Man Triathlon in July: an open water swim, over a 100 miles on the bike, followed by a full marathon!

“For every quid I get nutters like that deserve a tenner!”

Think Ahead Stroke’s Executive Manager Carol Sankey said: “I’ve known David for over ten years now, so it’s so lovely that after all this time he’s still willing (and hopefully able), to run this race for Think Ahead Stroke. We’ll be cheering for him on 19th May.”  

If you’d like to sponsor David, then please click on the following link and follow the simple instructions.

If you’d like to set up a sponsored activity for Think Ahead, it’s quick and easy to do so. Simply visit