My husband Graham had his stroke 28th August 2000. He’d recently had an operation on his ankle and being a bank holiday - friends took us out for the day! A car boot first and then on to Fleetwood for a meal and to listen to an organist around the bowling greens in Fleetwood gardens. All seemed great and then BANG! It came out of the blue. Face, Arms, Speech, Time.

We went straight to Blackpool Victoria for 2 weeks, Wigan infirmary for 2 weeks and then Whelley Taylor unit for over 5 months. Graham was just 53. This is where we found out about Think Ahead Stroke. We met a Mavis and Dave who told us all about it and Graham became their 100th member! For me as a Carer, it was a blessing as Graham had been helped so much medically at these three hospitals, but I was lost about the getting back to as much of a normal life as possible.

The other carers I have met at Think Ahead Stroke have become long lasting friends and the staff who have helped so much with the day to day living and with things I have found out about - I cannot thank them enough.

It has made our stroke journey, I am sure, a much better one than I could ever have anticipated. Thank you to Think Ahead, from Graham and me.

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