Starting work after a stroke raises lots of questions and issues for people. From meeting others to a different challenge, the reasons why stroke survivors want to have a job are many and varied. However, it is important that you don’t push yourself to go back to work too early. The stress could set your recovery back, so make sure you discuss it with your consultant or GP before making any big decisions.

The type of roles that you consider depend on how the stroke has affected you, your health, your personal situation and the work you did previously. Some stroke survivors may decide to give up work completely. Others might return to work part-time, or with less responsibility, extra support or adaptations to the workplace.

Voluntary work or re-training for a different job are both options if you decide that what you were doing previously isn’t right for you anymore. Getting back to work is often a much longer process than simply looking for the right kind of job and then applying for it. There are many organisations that provide the support and retraining you may need to build your confidence.

Working carers

There are currently over three million working carers in the UK. Work is important for wellbeing, income and to maintain social contacts and you may decide you want to combine care with a career. Carers UK is an excellent resource on your rights for flexible working and advice on the decision to stop or return to work.