Approximately 150,000 people in the UK experience stroke each year and it is one of the biggest killers.  New analysis from King’s College London estimates a 44% increase by 2035.

 A stroke can be restrictive and isolating, robbing survivors of their independence, and devastating those who care for them.  Along with associated long-term physical health problems it is also common for stroke survivors to experience anxiety, depression, speech and communication difficulties and issues with concentration, memory, and mood.

 During these unprecedented times, your donations and grants have helped us immensely to address all areas of our operations.  We have reviewed and prioritised the support we offer to those recently suffering the initial trauma of stroke along with those receiving long-term support via our many programmes and activities. 

 We have embraced technology to support new ways of working and communicating and addressed the ever-increasing issues with isolation, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

 In this extreme time, we need your help more than ever and every donation is valued and means we can continue supporting stroke survivors and those who care for them through our peer-mentoring, wellbeing, education, and social programmes.