Where your money goes

At Think Ahead, every donation is truly valued and makes a huge difference to the devastated lives of those affected by stroke.

In our last financial year, we spent £156,655 on services and activities that directly benefited stroke survivors and those who care for them. These included our helpline, community support, self-management / wellbeing courses and wrap-around peer support programmes, as well as our ongoing social, practical and educational activities.

We also worked alongside a number of partner organisations as part of our social media and community work, to ensure we achieved the maximum impact from our campaigns to raise awareness of stroke and promote healthy living.

As a direct result of the generous donations and grant funding we secured over the past twelve months:

  • 3,113 places were accessed on our ongoing social, practical and educational activities;
  • 826 door-to-door pick-ups were made by our specialised transport;
  • 3,738 newsletters were delivered to the homes of those affected by stroke, proving to be a lifeline to many.

Social isolation, anxiety, low mood and depression are all common amongst stroke survivors. Providing accessible door-to-door transport for those most at need is so important and £8,425 was spent on this service alone during the year. We are desperately in need of additional funding to ensure that this vital service can continue.

A new analysis from King’s College London estimates that the UK will see a 44% increase in the number of strokes by 2035, as the average age of the population continues to rise.

Through effective monitoring and evaluation of all of our programmes, we have a clear vision for the future. A five year business plan has been put in place to help us to clearly identify the development work required within Think Ahead to enable us to meet the likely increase in demand for our support.