Wellbeing course

 The mental and emotional impact of stroke can be huge. Our Wellbeing course is designed to give stroke survivors and those who care for them a toolbox of strategies to overcome anxiety and depression themselves. It helps participants to better understand their thoughts and feelings, and learn new ways to manage daily stress, anxiety and periods of low mood.

 The specially designed, group-based course is based on a common and scientifically proven psychological therapy called Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and is run by Think Ahead in partnership with 5 Boroughs – Primary Care Psychology Service (IAPT). Held at our Stroke Information Centre, we typically have 10-12 participants take part in each six week course. The sessions involve a mix of presentations, discussions and practical exercises.

Please telephone 01942 824888 for details of next course or fill your details into this form and we'll be in touch: wellbeing-courses