It would be impossible to achieve our goals without the support of numerous public and professional bodies. We partner with organisations such North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to deliver our courses, while local health and social care providers play an important role in referring stroke survivors and those who care for them to Think Ahead.

The strong relationships that we’ve established ultimately mean that those affected by stroke across Greater Manchester receive the best information and advice. By working in close partnership with other organisations, we help to achieve a more informed and co-ordinated experience of care as part of the delivery of the stroke care pathway. This includes our involvement in the newly established Greater Manchester Stroke Operational Delivery Network, where we work to ensure that the voluntary sector is heard and has a clear role.

The Greater Manchester Stroke Operational Delivery Network (GMSODN) is a partnership of NHS providers of stroke care in the Greater Manchester region. It gives advice and expertise to both providers and commissioners of care, with the aim of delivering the best in patient care for sufferers of stroke and their families. Established in July 2015, the GMSODN is currently the only Operational Delivery Network (ODN) in the UK that supports stroke.

 The GMSODN works very closely with local voluntary sector organisations, including Think Ahead, to ensure that the voices of stroke survivors and their carers are heard. From the ambulance service through to community rehabilitation support, the GMSODN aims to facilitate transformational change in local stroke care through a collaborative and patient-centred approach.

Of course, without vital funding, Think Ahead would not be able to operate day to day. We are extremely grateful to all of the organisations that provide us with financial assistance for their generosity.