How it works


If you or a loved one has recently had a stroke, we know how traumatic it can be. As survivors and those who care for them ourselves, we understand how you may be feeling and want others to benefit from our own experiences of the recovery process. That’s why we started Think Ahead, to guide people like you through the ongoing challenges of learning to live with stroke.


Stroke affects everybody differently and the support that we provide is flexible to the needs of individuals. Whether you need practical advice on day-to-day living, specialised counselling or guidance on coping with the pressures of becoming a carer, we can help.


You don’t need a referral from your doctor to benefit from the services of Think Ahead – get in touch by phone, email or in person at our Stroke Information Centre for an informal chat about your situation. If you then decide to become a member of the charity, you can access the information and support offered through our network as regularly as you want. Many of our members find our events and activities a great way to make new friends who have also experienced stroke, but there is no commitment to attend our meetings.


If you are a medical professional and would like to refer a patient to Think Ahead, click here.