My wonderful Dad, Stanley Lloyd (Stan) passed away from cancer in October 2021, just before he died he had a stroke that took away most of his speech and mobility. He had always supported the Think Ahead Stroke club as my Stepmum, Sandra had had a stroke and they used to attend on a regular basis.

My Dad would take part in the annual Dragon Boat Race fund raiser, when he was well into his seventies and would help to raise money for the charity whenever he could. All donations after his funeral were made to the Stroke Club.

Around the time Dad became ill, I had started running in a bid to become healthier and fitter. I started the Couch to 5k programme in August 2021 and my Dad was very proud of me for this.

After running several 10k races in 2022 I am now training to run a half marathon which takes place in London on 2nd April 2023 in memory of my Dad. I'm a bit nervous about the challenge but I'm grateful that I will be running with my husband, David who has also taken on the role as my motivator and coach.

I would really like to raise some money for the Think Ahead Stroke Club having seen first-hand the damage and distress a stroke can cause.

Think Ahead is a Wigan based stroke awareness and support charity dedicated to providing help and advice to stroke survivors, their carers and families in the local area; bringing together a community of people with shared experiences and a common desire to try and live life to the fullest and have some fun along the way.

The charity was formed in 2000 and filled the gap in the support available to stroke survivors and their families. Having recognised that once people left hospital, significant numbers were forced to cope in isolation, leaving too many people feeling desperate and alone.

They rely on the generosity of volunteers and donations so please donate if you can. Thank you so much. Sharon x

Sharon Young