Support, advice and counselling


When learning to live with stroke, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Other survivors are full of sensible advice and having the opportunity to speak to somebody who’s been in your shoes can be a real comfort. 


Our stroke support service has been designed to provide care and advice to help you recover from the trauma of surviving a stroke. We are happy to have an informal chat over the phone, or in person –

either at our Stroke Information Centre, or in your own home. Over the years, we’ve spoken with thousands of people who have been affected by stroke and have now found the answers to all the most common questions. Our focus groups and carers have also compiled a wealth of information that you may find useful to read online.


Isolation, anxiety and depression are all common among stroke survivors and those who care for them. We also offer specialised counselling for those who are struggling to cope.


Should you wish to make use of our stroke support or counselling services, please give us a call today.