Where Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

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Imagine… the wind in your hair. The sunlight bursting off the water’s surface – scything your way through the blue. You. Your crew of

 fearsome racing warriors. Blood brothers. Blood sisters. The spray on your face. War paint on. Blood up. Heads down. Hearts pumping. Intoxicating bursts of adrenaline pulsing through your veins. Well…….. something like that…..

Is this war? Some kind of weird South Seas ritual? No… this is all the fun all the excitement and the fabulous challenge that is dragon boat racing. Excitement guaranteed. And though there are always going to be winners and losers…

When it Comes to Dragon Boat Racing……. Everyone Wins, Especially Stroke Survivors, Carers and their families who we support.

Without events such as our Dragon Boat Racing days we simply couldn’t help the amount of people that we do.

The Dragon Boat Challenge

  • Think you have what it takes?
    Think you can pitch your best against the best and come out on top?
  • Go on… throw your hat in as well.
  • It’s bound to get wet.
  • But we guarantee you’ll have a great fun and a genuinely rewarding time too. That’s a promise!

The Think Ahead Dragon Boat Racing day… Where ordinary people do extraordinary things. And everybody wins!

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