Approximately 150,000 people in the UK experience stroke each year - it’s one of the biggest killers in the UK. New analysis from King’s College London estimates a 44% increase by 2035.

A stroke can be restrictive and isolating, robbing survivors of their independence. As well as the associated long-term physical health problems, it’s common for stroke survivors to experience anxiety, depression, speech and communication difficulties, and issues with concentration and memory.

Your donations and grant funding helped us do all this over the last 12 months:

Create 3,113 places on our ongoing social, practical, and educational activities.

Fulfil 826 door-to-door pickups with our specialised transport.

Deliver 3,738 newsletters to those affected by stroke - a lifeline and a connection to other survivors and carers.

Think Ahead does exactly that - we plan ahead to meet this likely increase in demand for support. To continue our development work, we need your help.

Your donation means we can continue providing wellbeing, education, and support available to stroke survivors and those that care for them.