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New Beginnings

A compilation of short stories and poems written by members of the Think Ahead book club. Based on their own experience and reflecting their new beginning to life following the trauma of Stroke.
Did you know?

Approximately 25% of strokes occur in people aged under 65 years.

New Beginnings

“New Beginnings” is a compilation of short stories and poems written by members of the Think Ahead book club. Based on their own experience and reflecting their new beginning to life following the trauma of Stroke.Book-CD-Pack-R

Everyone at Think Ahead has worked hard to put together this small book of short stories, from the content to the art work and production.

After the book had been completed it was suggested that it could be made into a CD Audio book and, as a result, the Media department of Wigan & Leigh College helped to provide professional voice over recordings edited onto a CD.

Read our article on the New Beginnings book and CD.

You can read a pdf version of the book and listen to tracks or download a complete Audio book below.
Contact the Think Ahead office if you would like to purchase the book or CD.

Think Ahead’s unique long term “Living with Stroke” programme, encourages Stroke Survivors and their Carers, from Wigan, Leigh and surrounding areas, to learn to enjoy their lives again through a range of services and initiatives, including organised activity groups, such as the book club, art class, photography, pottery, computer classes and annual breaks etc.
Any donations to help continue the work of Think Ahead would be greatly appreciated.

Click the link to view the complete book as a pdf document New Beginnings Booklet

Listen to tracks from the New Beginnings Talking Book CD and view the individual track covers.

New Beginnings Booklet

Track – Click to listen to a story Author – Click to read their work

01 – Introduction Think Ahead Community Stroke Group
02 – A Policeman’s Lot Peter Weatherhead
03 – Cat’s Whiskers Jan Hobson
04 – Complex Lives Margaret Ross
05 – Memories: A Step Into Freedom Teresa Weatherhead
06 – Memories Margaret Dottin
07 – Milly And Molly Adventures Jo Evans
08 – My Best Friend Jan Hobson
09 – My Little Yellow Car Margaret Dottin
10 – My Son Ian Sharon Powell
11 – Patrick Ellen Yearsley
12 – Starting Over Jean King
13 – The Bonfire Margaret Ross
14 – The Egg Custard Stuart Powell
15 – The Pie Colin Ross
16 – The Seeds Of Love Ellen Yearsley
17 – Water Stuart Powell
18 – Acknowledgements Think Ahead Community Stroke Group

The New Beginnings Audio Book mp4b format suitable for iPod is also available for download (12.8MB download).

New Beginnings Comments

These are a selection of comments from a few of our members.
Please give us your feedback after reading the booklet to

When I took over the running of the book club, I wanted to help to gel the members together as a team. There had been a previous book published a number of years ago called ‘Creative Tales’, so I took my inspiration from that and set the group a task of putting their heads together and formulate ideas for short stories and poems based on their own life experiences.

The ‘New Beginnings’ title was a flash of inspiration by Jean King, who said it during one of our many conversations, as it seemed that each story by the stroke survivors told of a “New Beginning” for them. Teresa Weatherhead designed the front cover during one of her art classes and it took off from there. With the availability of modern technology it was then possible, not only to print the book, but to produce with the very generous help of Steve Christie at Wigan College an audio book version on Compact Disk. The whole process from start to finish has been a very fulfilling exercise for us all. – Stuart Powell – Think Ahead, Book Club

It was a pleasure to work on the CD version of “New Beginnings” and the stories and poems were of a varied nature, which suited the individual styles of the staff members here at Wigan & Leigh College. The depth of feeling contained within the writing made the task of putting vocal character to the pieces easy. We hope that our contribution has helped to bring the book alive. – Steve Christie – Wigan & Leigh College, School of the Arts, Media Dept

The variety of poems and memories in the New Beginning booklet are most enjoyable. Being able to listen to them added to the pleasure. Thank you. – Marjorie Baldwin

I enjoyed reading the book. How people expressed their feelings was very good. I was inspired by the things they wrote about. – Jean Banks

Very enjoyable poems and stories. The contributors must have worked hard to produce such good work. – Joan Thomas

It makes you think about all the things which have happened in your life, the good and the bad. It certainly makes you believe that one day everything turns out well and that you can enjoy your life. – Lila Aspinall

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