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Raising Awareness

Think Ahead strive to raise awareness across Wigan & Leigh of Stroke and the lifestyle issues that effect Stroke survivors their carers and families.
Did you know?

Around 20,000 strokes in England alone could be avoided through preventative work on high blood pressure, regular heartbeats, smoking cessation and wider statin use.

Raising Awareness


‘Raising Awareness of Stroke Week’ – 7th May – 10th May 2013

In recognition of National Stroke Awareness Day, Think Ahead took the ‘Feel Well Truck’ out into the local community to raise awareness of Stroke, offer free blood pressure checks and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

To find out how Think Ahead reached an audience of 89,813 throughout our ‘Raising Awareness of Stroke Week’ and learn the interesting facts about the blood pressures taken in Ashton, Wigan, Leigh then please view the full report.

See photos of the week in our gallery

F.A.S.T. Campaign


Stroke is a medical emergency and by calling 999 you can help someone reach hospital quickly and receive the early treatment they need.

Prompt action can prevent further damage to the brain and help someone make a full recovery.

Help raise awareness by downloading and displaying our F.A.S.T. poster.

Stroke Prevention Poster


Stroke can happen to anyone of any age at any time.

It is the third most common cause of death in the UK, and is the single most common cause of disability.

However, research suggests that a combination of 4 simple health lifestyle choices may reduce your chances of having a Stroke by 50%.

Help raise awareness by downloading and displaying our Stroke Prevention Poster.

New Beginnings


“New Beginnings” is a compilation of short stories and poems written by members of the Think Ahead Book Club.

Based on their own experience and reflecting their new beginning to life following the trauma of Stroke.

Everyone at Think Ahead has worked hard to put together this small book of short stories, from the content to the art work and production.

Click here to listen to tracks from the New Beginnings Talking Book.

Healthy Living Advice


Strokes and how to
avoid them!

50% of Strokes may be avoidable.

Click here to find Healthy Living tips for you to follow to stay healthy and happy.


I have recently had a stroke and I need help with...