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Stroke Support

Our Stroke Support Service provides information, advice and support about living and recovering from a Stroke.
Did you know?

Approximately 25% of strokes occur in people aged under 65 years.

Stroke Support Service


Should you wish to make use of this unique service, please telephone 01942 824899 or email to arrange for an informal chat about how we can help.boundaryMills1

If you feel capable of dealing with your own experiences we have compiled an Information & Advice Guide that lists services that you may require.


Quotes from users of Stroke Support

Feedback from people who have used our Stroke Support Service


Thank you for all the support you have given me since returning to work and encouraging me to take more of an active part in Think Ahead’s promotion. My confidence has grown immensely since joining the group and now I feel I can take on any challenge, It is a great help knowing that you have used my story to promote the service and I hope it encourages others to look to our group for support. I wish that I could be more involved, but obviously work commitments have to take priority. I am so keen to be part of the peer support supporters to help others who have or who are suffering from the effects of a stroke.


I’m glad we now have someone from the Stroke Support coming to see me who knows what its like to have a stroke. Because of the service manager getting my wife a Carer’s assessment she may soon get some sort of a break from looking after me and her mother who has Alzheimer’s.
It will also allow me, with a little help, some time to look after my tropical fish.

W M’s Carer

I’m physically and mentally shattered – maybe some light at the end of a very long tunnel – thank you!


A friend of mine told me about your organisation and having studied your website you seemed the most appropriate point of contact.

Thank you so much for the chat last night – it was good to find someone out there batting on my side in the battle to get a solution that is acceptable to me and is right for my wife and the rest of the family. When I’m through this part and the time is right I’d like to talk about what I can do to support your organisation.

To date I have found “Think Ahead” to be an extremely supportive but not intrusive organisation. You have always been there when I have needed help and support; you have kept in regular but non intrusive contact with me and allowed me to come to terms with “MY” problems at my own pace. For me, as one of those individuals who is not naturally a carer you have given me the help and guidance as well as being the information resource, that is appropriate to me and the person that I am and what I am capable of when it comes to the caring of my wife. Your network of people talk my language when it comes to practical solutions to common problems.
Cannot think of anything more to say in general terms but if your funders would like to talk to me direct then I am more than happy to do so.


I had a mini stroke a few weeks ago and was just dumped back in the community. No help whatsoever. The emotional support I got from your lady was great. I think that with a bit more help and advice from her it will boost my confidence and I can start to get my life back together again.


Just a quick line to say thank you for the advice and guidance you have offered. I would have found it extremely difficult to have found all the information I have without being pointed in the right direction. As you are aware, most of what I have been trying to do for my Sister has been to no avail at this time but it is reassuring to know that should attitudes change in the future, I know that you are only a phone call away.
Many thanks again mate.


After a sleepless night and sinking feeling all morning like a new boy starting school, I have to admit. WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP you all are. Made me and L. feel so welcome. We are hoping to go to the Indian night next week. Many Thanks.
Is kinda pleased about going to the Think Ahead group today. I felt like the new boy at school but everyone made us feel so welcome.
Thinking its been an eventful day. One i didn’t think I would have guts to do what I did. Fingers crossed it’s the start of something good.

M L, Line Managers Support Unit, Makerfield Benefit Delivery Centre

I’d just like to say a really big thank you to you for all that you did yesterday and hope that it was as useful to you as it was for us. I noticed throughout the day you had several visitors at your stand and the feedback from staff was really positive. In particular I had one lady who asked if I would thank you personally as she was so impressed with how quickly and professionally you responded to her query.
Thank you once again and hope to be in touch soon. Just let us know if we can help with any of your initiatives.

E W (Carer)

The Group has put me in touch with others who are experiencing the same problems and is very supportive.

P N (Stroke Survivor) (Oakham, Rutland)

What a brilliant website, and support group you have!!! Found you on facebook….. I live in Rutland, which sadly lacks a group like yours. I am a stroke survivor of 18 months.

I have recently had a stroke and I need help with...