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Everyone needs a break, even Stroke Survivors and their Carers!
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In the North West of England approximately 14,600 people have strokes per year according to the Stroke Association.


Everyone needs a break, even Stroke Survivors and their Carers!

Tourism for All
Provides information to the public, especially to older people and those with disabilities, on where their specific access needs can be met so that they can fully participate in travel and leisure.

Tourism for All
Tel: 0845 124 9971

Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

Go to for details of this new pocket-sized guide that lists 100 places tested and recommended by their researchers. Whilst stocks last this guide is available for £6.99 (inc P&P), Blue Badge holders can get it for just £1.99 P&P.


Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks (respite care) and other services for disabled people, visually impaired people, and carers.

Tel: 0845 345 1972 – General Enquiries

New EU Regulations for disabled air traveller’s

A new European regulation has come into force promising a better deal for disabled people flying within Europe.

It makes airports responsible for helping such passengers to pass through their terminals – from arrival to check-in and boarding and, on the return flight, from disembarking to immigration and collecting baggage.

Important points under the new law:

  • It doesn’t cover just disabled people, but anyone with reduced mobility – e.g. Someone with a broken leg or an elderly person who finds walking difficult
  • Tour operators and travel agents are expected to pass on details about your needs to airlines, which in turn should contact the airports you’ll be using
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to request assistance – you are supposed to give at least 48 hours notice
  • Passengers needing assistance to get through airports must not be charged
  • Staff dealing with disabled passengers must be suitably trained
  • Most of the EU regulation covers on the ground assistance but it does spell out for the first time that disabled people have a right to assistance on board aircraft – (e.g. in getting to lavatories) and say airlines should make ‘all reasonable efforts’ to arrange seating to meet a disabled traveller’s needs – which may prove challenging for low cost airlines that do not pre-allocate seats

For more details go to:

If you feel you have not been looked after properly then complain to EHRC on:
Tel: 0845 604 6610

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