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Having Problems Remembering?

A list of top tips for improving memory.
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High blood pressure is the most important risk factor for stroke, contributing to about 50% of all strokes.

Having Problems Remembering?

Try one of these tips to help you to remember things*

* This article is courtesy of the SET – Shropshire Enablement Team

These are useful to put up at home in a place where you regularly look. They can be used as a quick reminder of appointments, tasks and events such as birthdays.

Communication Book
A communication book can help you if you are struggling with your speech or find it difficult to make choices. It is split into categories such as food, drinks, and activities. It can be used by you to tell someone else what you would like or used by someone else to offer you a choice.

Diaries can be useful in two ways and it may be useful to have a diary for each use. Firstly, they are useful for planning ahead and reminding yourself of special events such as birthdays and to remind you of appointments. This diary is used to look forward to events. Secondly, a diary can be used to write a comprehensive log of the day to remind yourself what you have been doing that day possibly with the help of a family member. You can then look back to see what you have been up to on particular days.


A Dictaphone can be used for you to report back a summary of something you may have just read or watched. Then before you watch the next episode or read the next chapter you can remind yourself of the previous storyline. They can also be used to make notes of things you need to remember throughout the day and you can then set aside time to listen to the tape and make a response to your comments.

Personal Organiser

Some people find these useful as a way of keeping information in one place. It can be used to log appointments, put in reminders and program an alarm to sound to remind you to do something. They also usually have a diary function so you can keep track of the date as well.

Photo Books

This is an album of key events and people in your life. It is helpful to label the photos with names and dates to help you to remember. This can be helpful in talking to other people. You can use the album to remind you of key things when talking to someone you haven’t met before. It can also be used to remember which people are working with you to remind you who they are and what their job is.


It is useful to carry a notepad around with you so that you can write things down as you remember them. This can also be useful to write down important contact information so that wherever you are you can contact someone in an emergency.

Weekly Plan

This is a plan that can be used to fill in what you are doing. This can help you to remember and give you a routine. It usually has a column for each day and splits the day up into morning, afternoon and evening. It can then be used to plan activities, remind you to take tablets, eat your meals or even to lock your door at night.


This can be used in a similar way to the weekly plan. You can write up a plan for the week on the whiteboard including reminders for tablets etc. and tick it off when you’ve taken them. It can also be used as a memo board to remind you to do things such as return a phone call. You could keep it near the phone to write on phone messages.


* This article is courtesy of the SET – Shropshire Enablement Team

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