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General Advice

The reasons for wanting to work are many and varied, yet there are some common reasons given by working and non-working Stroke Survivors and Carers.
Did you know?

Approximately 25% of strokes occur in people aged under 65 years.

General Advice

The main reasons for wanting to get back to work are:

  • To have an identity that is nothing to do with being a Stroke Survivor or a Carer
  • To have some independence
  • To earn and have some money of their own
  • For social contact/meeting other people
  • For job satisfaction and a different challenge and stimulation
  • For confidence and self-esteem
  • To benefit the whole family

Do not push yourself to go back to work – the stress can set you back, certainly in the early stages.

What you do depends on the effects of the stroke, your health, your situation and the type of work you do.

Make sure you discuss this with your consultant or GP.

You may:

  • Give up work (at least for a while)
  • Return to work part-time or with less responsibility
  • Return to work with extra support in some areas
  • Use equipment and adaptations to the workplace
  • Consider a different job
  • Consider voluntary work or re-training

Getting back to work is often a much longer process than simply looking for the right kind of job and then applying for it.

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