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Do’s and Don’ts

Not sure where or how to start? At Think Ahead we have compiled a comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts which have helped our members ensure a better quality of life.
Did you know?

Around half of stroke survivors suffer depression in the first year following their stroke.

What You Should DO

Take stock of your life

Take a fresh look – do you need to do all the things that you used to think were important?

Set yourself manageable targets

Set daily targets for how much you do, what you do, and how quickly you expect to improve. Be flexible – try new ways of doing things.

Try to do less work (at home or paid work)

Pushing yourself will slow down recovery. Take it easy, and make time to do things you enjoy.

Look after your health

Eat well, exercise carefully, drink moderately, quit smoking! Remember blood pressure checks and medication.

Keep up your social contacts

Keep in touch with friends – even if it seems like hard work it will be worth it. Accept all genuine offers of help.

Find time to relax completely every day

Find something you enjoy. It could be listening to music, reading the paper, having a massage, or stroking the cat!

What You Should NOT DO

Compare now with before

Comparing things now with how they used to be will not make you any better. Try to focus on how you are now, and what you can do.

Bottle up your feelings

A good cry can help. Be open and tell your family or close friends about how you feel, and what help you need.

Force yourself to go on

Tiredness is common as it can be your brain’s way of recovering. Talk to your therapist for advice on planning your time. Doing too much too early can set you back.

Take things out on other people

You may be angry and frustrated. Try not to turn on other people but use anger to help you. It can be the driving force to help you keep on working to recover, and to try to do things differently. Anger will remind you that you still have plenty of fight and can use this to re-build your life.

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