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Living With Stroke

“Living with Stroke” is not something that anyone would do by choice and it changes not only the lives of Stroke Survivors but also the lives of their family and friends and sometimes these changes can be everlasting.
Did you know?

Approximately 15 million people worldwide have a stroke each year.

Living With Stroke

Boddellwydan However, across Wigan and Leigh, there is hope – Think Ahead offers support, information and advice to Peer Survivors, Carers and their families through the Peer Support Service and Information Guidebook. To compliment this successful service we are developing a series of short courses to help Stroke Survivors and their Carers come to terms with “Living with Stroke”.

About Stroke

LivingStroke StrokeIcon_sTypes of Stroke

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RecoveryIcon_sRecovery Stroke Handbook

Stroke Support Service

TA_BWHand Our Stroke Support Service provides information, advice and support about living and recovering from a Stroke. Find out more…..

Guide Book

TA_GuideBook Think Ahead Guide Book An online source of information & Advice compiled for Stroke survivors, their carers & familes. Click here to go to our Information and Advice Guide Book…

Personal Stories

Think Ahead have put together a number of stories of people who have been affected by stroke. Listen and read stories about how Stroke affected their lives and their progress and involvement with Think Ahead. Click here to view Personal Stories.

Lifestyle Advice

The eatwell plate Advice on healthy living




I have recently had a stroke and I need help with...