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    Are you ready for winter? Is your home ready for winter? As I sat thinking of something interesting and useful I suddenly thought of the winter! Probably because I have just heard the central heating click on! … Are you ready for winter? I know we can’t cover every eventuality but we can certainly limit […]

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    Community Stroke Support PART TWO: – Lounge and Bathroom Last month I spoke about clearing the kitchen to make moving about and daily living easier. This month it’s the turn of the lounge and bathroom. The same rules apply as with the kitchen; keep walk ways as clear as possible and position chairs and tables […]

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    Helping out at Think Ahead during the school holidays My name is Lilly Newton age 11. My dad is Paul Newton and he is the Community Stroke Supporter at Think Ahead. On the 2nd of August I went to the general meeting at St. Peter’s Pavilion in Wigan. I helped out with the tables and […]

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    Community Stroke Support PART ONE:- The Kitchen: As I visit new referrals homes I am very aware that if you’re living environment is made as safe and user friendly as possible by adapting our daily living spaces we can help ourselves to feel less disabled! My topic for this month is: The Kitchen. Re-positioning the […]

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    A corporate invitation from North Leigh Park Group to watch Leigh Centurions play Batley Bulldogs at Leigh Sports Village on 8th March 2012. I have not been a massive Rugby fan in the past but I was given the opportunity to watch Leigh Centurions at their ground from the comfort of a sponsor’s hospitality box. […]