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Community Stroke Support

PART ONE:- The Kitchen:

As I visit new referrals homes I am very aware that if you’re living environment is made as safe and user friendly as possible by adapting our daily living spaces we can help ourselves to feel less disabled! My topic for this month is: The Kitchen.

Re-positioning the furniture can create clearer ‘pathways’ across the room or strategically placing sturdy chairs or firm tables where you can sit or lean when moving around will give you more space and fewer trip hazards.

Clear worktops of everything except frequently used items and cluster these items so that it is easier to work with e.g. making a hot drink – limit your movement by placing the tea/coffee/sugar and mugs near the kettle.

There are plenty of designs of adapted cutlery pots and pans. Don’t be afraid to use them if you can successfully fulfill your task you will feel an enormous sense of achievement!

Perching stools none slip mats and trays are also really handy to aid completing tasks without too much difficulty!

I will pick another room next month!

Call Paul Community Stroke Supporter at the Think Ahead Office on 01942 824 888 if you need any additional information or advice or if you have anymore ideas!