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About Us

Think Ahead Community Stroke Group offers help to Stroke Survivors, their families and carers across Wigan and Leigh to improve the quality of their lives by providing friendship, information, advice, support and education, together with opportunities for interaction with other members by organising outings, respite breaks and appropriate social activities.
Did you know?

In the North West of England approximately 14,600 people have strokes per year according to the Stroke Association.

How We Started

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There had been a STROKE CLUB of some sort or other in the Wigan area for some years but to the best of our knowledge it never had a plan or a programme of activities/events and consequently, its attendance dwindled to as low as two people. In the year 2000, however, the group was revitalised by a group of like minded people getting together, forming an active management committee and putting together a constitution and a business plan. On the strength of this it was awarded a start up grant from the Coalfield Challenge Trust to encourage it to grow and we were on our way.

It all sounds very simple just to write down the start of the group in a couple of paragraphs. I can assure you it was much more difficult than that. There were many meetings/discussions/arguments even, but when we got that first grant of £1,000 it felt like we had won the lottery.

The group met in the early days in the small boardroom at Sunshine house (max seating number of 12 people) and as the group grew, we graduated into the main hall which seated about 50 people and having outgrown that we now currently meet at St Peters Pavilion in Hindley.

Since those early days, we have grown into what you see today, but we still keep to the core values that we set out with which are listed in our constitution.

We currently employ a number of people to help run various projects throughout the group and the cost of employing is funded by various Lottery grants, donations and our own fund raising activities.

Mike Aspinall – Chair

Annual Review 2011-2012

Our Annual Review document for 2011-2012 is available for download.

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Quotes From Members

The Group is socially wonderful, helpful in many ways and we have marvellous trips out and holidays.
Margaret Dottin (Stroke Survivor)

We were made welcome when my husband was alive and still welcomed now. Days out and friendship are appreciated.
Joyce Capner (Carer)

Being a member of the Club has given me a chance to get out more, meet and make friends and given me confidence to do things I never thought I would do again.
Bea Cunliffe (Stroke Survivor)

The Group has put me in touch with others who are experiencing the same problems and is very supportive.
Elaine Wilcock (Carer)

Attending the Club gives me a reason to get out of bed, get dressed, put on a bit of make-up, as I’ve somewhere to go and people to see. It has help build my confidence.
Jan Hobson (Stroke Survivor)

The Group has given me friendship, support and information.
Colin Ross (Carer)

I have made lots of friends and really enjoy the company of the whole Group.
Joan Thomas (Stroke Survivor)

The Group has made me and my wife extremely welcome with its friendly atmosphere. We enjoy the little monthly respite trips.
Stuart Powell (Carer)

The Group has given me more confidence and has helped me get out and about a lot more.
Winifred Cockrell (Stroke Survivor)

Since I have had my stroke it has been a comfort to come to the Club and the friendship and love given to us. Also the outings and holidays. “Wonderful”!
Margaret Ross (Stroke Survivor)

The Think Ahead Team

There are many people who help to organise the running of Think Ahead, such as, our own members, volunteers, trustees, patron and our administration team.

We also benefit from the help that is provided by companies or organisations that are Friends of Think Ahead.

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